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"Dialogue" in the dark in the deep opening experience pavilion

Date: 2015-12-24

Let visual close 75 minutes, you will "see"?A few days ago, the first German public welfare project "dialogue" in the dark experience hall officially opened in shenzhen, nearly 150 people took part in a concert in the "dark" activities such as experience, experience in all black environment visually impaired sensory world, let oneself temporarily "lost" one senses, "see" the world with the other senses.
"When a person senses are blocked, may find themselves and other senses, can also go to feeling and understanding the world, so as to develop their unexpected things.""Dialogue" in the dark history of China, founder of CAI said, "dialogue" in the dark as a communication platform, through experience to eliminate social prejudice against people with disabilities, promote social marginal people love and tolerance.