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Shenzhen traffic police on Christmas Eve the city road traffic is expected to increase by 15%

Date: 2015-12-24

This Thursday is Christmas Eve, on the evening of the shenzhen traffic police estimated the city road traffic will increase by 15%, 19 before and after each big business circle, church, bar near the road there will be local congestion, at about 23 by participation vehicles return, bar party go out, the influence of road traffic will appear a small peak, continued to 25 at 2, road traffic will gradually returned to normal.

In addition, on the same day or there will be nearly 60000 guangdong B motor vehicle from deep, up 1.3% than usual;80000 out-of-town DiShen motor vehicles, up 7.48% than usual.G4, therefore, is expected to 24 in and out of shenzhen (shenzhen) and G94 (mae), the G15 (deep oil), S3 (riverside), S31 (same) high-speed traffic and weekdays, but officer, machine load high speed water flow is expected to rise.

The following is the city traffic congestion forecast:

Low nanshan district: the joy coast, window of the world, yitian holiday plaza, etc. The influence of the business circle, 24, is expected to shennan avenue late window of the world road, the south China sea avenue xuefu road plum to deep two-way road intersection, white stone road, around the coastal city Hyde three, Hyde 2, houhai avenue, houhaibin road congestion.

Low futian district: 24 night an estimated 20000 people take part in the Christian shenzhen hall, Roman Catholic saint Anthony # 18 started activities, as a result, the perimeter of the church of merlin, agriculture, forestry and the surrounding traffic pressure.Central Park, COCO Park and other places surrounding roads expect local congestion.

Low luohu district: kingkey 100, business circle inclusive vientiane city street, bookstore, baoan road, guest road, CAI house around a street, north street and road of the grand theatre.East gate commercial districts, the people of south business circle around the street, guest book city road, baoan road, road, east way, build way, people's south road is expected to pressure.(reporter Yang Kun correspondent Liu Ming)