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Shenzhen 9 large bus will travel ticket sale the six ways to buy tickets

Date: 2015-12-24

9 big bus will travel ticket sale

Six kinds of means to get tickets, WeChat tickets is very convenient

January 1 next year, shenzhen to send group 9 big long-distance bus station (silver), shekou bus station, bus station, shenzhen baoan, longgang bus station, ping shan bus passenger transport station the long distance bus passenger stations, xixiang, manholes, bus station, bus station ping shan, dapeng, bus station, bus station comprehensive selling travel first before February 8 () bus.

6 kinds of means to get tickets

To send group 9 big bus, more than 30 counters and 60 postal service outlets, all can buy travel tickets;

Send group call customer service telephone 96511, can provide the shuttle bus information consultation service for 24 hours, at the same time provide a hotline services;

By WeChat directory search "one ticket in hand" service, focused, can inquire purchase send group 9 station and the divisions of the 41 in the city bus station ticket, the bus station have opened the ticket window and self-service ticket machine, convenient for passengers to collect the tickets;

Send group www.96511.com.cn login, and can realize online ticket;

Passenger group tickets can call 96511, telephone booking station door ticket or ticket delivery door;

In the bus station automatic machines can provide 24-hour self-service ticketing.(reporter Xie Liwen)