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The 10th "chunhui cup" and "global talent project communication meeting held in deep

Date: 2015-12-24

On December 23, shenzhen news network news (reporter immediately) on December 23 to 24, the 10th "chunhui cup" and "global talent project communication and road show will be held in tianan digital longgang town.From the "chunhui cup" entrepreneurship competition venue more than 50 outstanding global entrepreneurial teams with their project, came to shenzhen model innovation ecosystem park tianan digital longgang town, longgang district related government departments, enterprises and investment institutions to carry out the talent exchange and roadshow for 2 days.

Shenzhen longgang district party committee secretary feng now learn to attend the activities, longgang district party committee and the district government party member Xiong Xiaoping speeches, ministry of education of studying abroad affairs service center of investment Huang Liqiong represent chunhui tournament organizers attended and addressed the longgang district party committee area FuBan, district party committee organization department personnel office, district bureau of science and technology innovation, area economic promotion board, the district bureau of human resources, along with the relevant person in charge of venture capital association attended the event.

The activity of ministry of education service center and shenzhen longgang district technology bureau signed the cooperation intention, tongji university alumni association in France and longgang district organization department respectively (do) and tianan digital city longgang signed a cooperation framework agreement.Longgang district bureau of human resources PiYongHua to shenzhen first overseas innovation talented person contest on-site promotion, longgang district WeiFeng, longgang district party committee, deputy director of bureau of science and technology innovation organization, area, a deputy minister of talent selphie yan, director of the office respectively introduces the longgang entrepreneurial environment of innovation and talent introduction policies.Longgang high-quality innovative entrepreneurial environment and excellent talent incentive policy, got to attend to stay and widespread praise and attention.

Blowing abroad elite innovative entrepreneurial dream

Chunhui cup is the present domestic specifications of the highest abroad personnel entrepreneurship competition, organized by the ministry of education, ministry of science and technology as was started in 2006, for the innovation of the Chinese students studying abroad business all over the world, give full play to the overseas outstanding students studying abroad to entrepreneurial zeal, create conditions to support and promote students studying abroad to return founded high-tech enterprises.Now the competition held 10 successful, become the participation, had the greatest influence overseas, most attract talents backflow fruitful one event.By 2014, selected 2014 shortlisted for the project.More than 300 people have smooth careers, more than 20 students studying abroad to be included in the national "one thousand project".

Chunhui cup in 2014 and the north American division winner projects through the "through train" silicon valley platform, roadshow in tianan digital longgang town, the largest ever in shenzhen overseas leave the project road shows the size of the recorded, frontier of the project in technology and talent level high, attending the vc reaction of active are in shenzhen.The event assembled up to more than 50 international cutting-edge technology, innovation and business model to deep, from a new study in elite creative feast.

Huang Liqiong in speech, through the "chunhui cup" entrepreneurship competition, more and more overseas students studying abroad actively declare innovative entrepreneurial project, at the same time, local governments are also actively organize study pioneering park, university of science and technology park and venture capital investment institutions and domestic entrepreneurs hold various forms of communication, review, negotiate and merit award of the project, it greatly improved the students studying abroad to set up the enthusiasm of the high-tech enterprises, but also further promote the development of local science and technology, industry level, hope this activity can better promote the innovation of the longgang district of shenzhen and entrepreneurial career development.

The meeting and roadshow will once again as shenzhen large overseas study entrepreneurial talent exchange activities, will promote innovation environment and innovation projects, cutting-edge technology exchange and so on several big comprehensive communication, will be the seeds of the light and wisdom of science and technology in shenzhen this piece of the most dynamic business.