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Connect Hong Kong high-speed fukuda will open next Wednesday Fukuda to shenzhen north 11 minutes

Date: 2015-12-24

Shenzhen news on October 30 (reporter Chen Immediately) on October 30, the reporter walked into Asia's largest underground railway station - futian station.Reporters on the scene learned: futian station has begun alignment test, to the end of this year is expected to have the operational conditions.Then, high-speed trains in futian central district and the subway to realize the seamless connection.

Guangzhou railway group director, told reporters, predicts 2017, connect Hong Kong high-speed period of all opened in Hong Kong, sit high iron only 9 hours from Beijing to Hong Kong.

According to introducing, fukuda connect Hong Kong passenger railway station is the first seat in the city's underground railway station in our country, is currently Asia's largest, the world's fastest train speed by underground train station, central station of the world's second largest after the United States New York underground railway station.Futian station is the end of the connection with Hong Kong at a train station on the mainland, and set the subway, bus, etc. As one of the comprehensive transportation hub.Fukuda stand compared to other city high-speed huge advantage, futian station near shenzhen futian central district, the transportation is convenient.With a variety of transport tools to implement seamless docking, is safe and convenient travel choice.

Futian station and related engineering dong, chief engineer, metro line 2, 3, 11 were in futian central district station, from the ground to transfer to the hall, can realize the seamless connection of taxi, bus, subway.Among them, transfer hall set up five escalator to the second floor underground waiting area.Metro line 11, after opening the futian station running time is about 25 minutes to the airport.

Connect Hong Kong passenger dedicated line after fukuda station opened, marked the Hong Kong will be integrated into the mainland China's high-speed rail network, to further promote economic and trade of the mainland and Hong Kong and Macao region cultural and personnel exchanges has important practical significance.

Connect Hong Kong future high-speed opening period, Hong Kong from Beijing by high-speed rail, nine hours can be arrived in Hong Kong;Sit high iron from shenzhen and guangzhou, only 15 minutes and 30 minutes respectively can be arrived in Hong Kong, the formation of "connect Hong Kong half an hour economic circle".