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The eastern transit connection line in the east lake park The largest underground interchange will be built

Date: 2015-12-24

From north road along the river to patriotic way, elevated roads can see WeiDang went up in the side of the road and bridge.If standing on the patriotic viaduct downwards see, can see WeiDang excavator under construction, a huge mouth of the well has been forming, here is the connecting line project in eastern shenzhen city transit freeway on-ramp tunnel construction site.

To completely improve transport in the lo wu in the east area of the status quo, at the same time adjust freight traffic out of the city centre, zhuhai launched last year shenzhen east transit expressway connecting line project.The project of west north ring buxin road, east access transit highway in the east.After the completion of the project, deep port transit traffic "west west, east east" pattern will be basically in place.East direction of transboundary freight traffic will adjust to the eastern border highway, the lotus pond respectively by the port connections access port and from the eastern port cable access man kam to, realizes the transit traffic and transportation in the urban traffic and shunting, avoid Dan ping road traffic congestion, and cloth, Rosa road traffic along the corridor of the highly gathered, greatly improve the cloth heart, Rosa, lotus pond area, such as the traffic.

The reporter understands yesterday to the site, the early implementation of the project Duan Donghu interchange ongoing pipeline migration, traffic organization and supporting pile construction.Implementation period of late, that is, the east bid two civil principal part of the project, has started construction, respectively.Among them, 1 under patriotic viaduct the ongoing shaft construction of tunnel, the tunnel into the hole;Located in the east lake park in the depth of the 2 mark, has begun construction of underground tunnel.