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All five and avenue may next year

Date: 2015-12-24

On December 22, city Xiong Guowei, director of the SEC and the longhua new district leadership Yu Xinguo, Chen Qing, zhi-hui luo, Huang Qijian together, such as checking the longhua new district main road construction and road "double increase" work.The reporter learns from the research, and five avenue is expected to implement all of next year, the view level road to ring view south road will be early next year, the official opening, at the appointed time, longhua new district north will increase a connecting downtown area and the longgang district of north and south to main street.The next two years, longhua new district will also promote the above grade road 128 line "white to black" project, a series of traffic of good will.

On the same day, Xiong Guowei, Yu Xinguo, Chen Qing successively by road, east road, five and Long Lan avenue check traffic and road construction.It is understood that at present the new city has entered the peak of road construction.Be worth what carry is, big five and Taoist temple flat ring road to the south road will be early next year, the official opening, all also is expected to be implemented next year.After all, five and avenue for view lake area increase a connecting downtown area and north and south to main street, longgang district five and avenue and the surrounding road network can be formed two traffic circulation, will improve the new overall traffic capacity, effectively alleviate the pressure of the area traffic.At the same time, will be more quickly and realize the high and new technology industrial park, camphor pit diameter community and the surrounding machine load, mei, qing cohesion equality expressway, expressway, convenient surrounding businesses and residents daily travel.In addition, the concept of xing east road is now open to traffic, and effectively meet the city's largest reside a room - fook graceland, community residents of traffic demand;She Long Lan avenue pit section will be early next year.

It is understood that the next two years, longhua new district will boost the above grade road 128 line "white to black" project.Among them, the concept of ring south road (five and avenue - big intersection), east ring ring 2) e (build way - all the way as a pilot project, two roads are prophase work, plan to start working next April, and completion inspection and acceptance of August of next year.The remaining 126 road "white to black" project will be divided into two group of implementation, and complete all road construction task at the end of 2017.

Longhua new district secretary of the party working Yu Xinguo, vice secretary of the new city departments, director of Chen Qing when checking points out, to further accelerate the speed of the traffic infrastructure construction, promote the slow traffic system construction, improve the traffic environment, to achieve sound and rapid traffic development, raises the mass transportation to stimulate economic and social development.(reporter sun bo intern for lampson)